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Arba Minch Fruit Value Chain (Ethiopia)


Titre : Arba Minch Fruit Value Chain (Ethiopia)

Pays/Région : Ethiopie

Date : 2020–2023

Identifiant : ET-2020-066-DO-31130

The Arba Minch Zurida district is an important fruit-growing region responsible for 10-15 % of all fruit produced in Ethiopia. Its potential is however considerably higher. The aim of the project is to improve the system of local production, processing and commercialization of fruit, improve the health of local people thanks to increased proportion of fruit in their diet, achieve better quality fruit production, increase profits and trade opportunities for local farmers and ensure availability of fruit products throughout the whole year. The project will contribute mainly to SDG 2 (Zero hunger), 13 (Climate action) and 15 (Life on land).

To achieve the expected results, it is necessary to diversify the fruit production, use more sustainable agricultural practices, implement more suitable methods of storage and processing of harvested products and increase competitiveness of local producers. The activities will include establishing fruit nurseries, selecting appropriate species and varieties to diversify production, implementing better genetic material or training growers in planting and managing orchards and using proper harvesting and storage techniques in order to reduce post-harvest losses that currently amount to up to ¼ of the total production.

A market analysis will be conducted with the aim of selecting suitable fruit products (e.g. jams and snacks) and supporting local actors in their production. The project will also consist of supplying orchard workers with small-scale machinery or assisting fruit producers and processors with business plans, marketing strategies, certifications and monitoring of sustainability. Furthermore, there will be a public enlightenment campaign regarding the importance of proper eating habits and appropriate dietary diversity, with an emphasis on fruit and fruit products.
Partenaire de mise en œuvre : Mendelova univerzita v Brně

Financement :
Total anticipated budget : 30 000 000 CZK
Budget for the year 2020 : 4 000 000 CZK
Budget for the year 2021 : 11 000 000 CZK
Budget for the year 2022 : 11 000 000 CZK
Budget for the year 2023 : 4 000 000 CZK

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