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Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA) 2016

SCARA : Strengthening Capacities for Agricultural Education, Research and Adoption in Kenya


Long-term Europe-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership for Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture

Titre : SCARA : Strengthening Capacities for Agricultural Education, Research and Adoption in Kenya

Pays/Région : Kenya

Date : Start date 2016-05-01 // End date 2020-11-30

Identifiant : 359-SCARA
Type de projet : Institutional capacity building project

Specifically the project aims to reach following objectives including thematic areas listed below : * Capacity of University and faculty staff to effectively develop tailor made research activities to increase adoption rates of water for food initiatives at farm level improved * Effective mechanisms for youth in agriculture to address future challenges of water for food and nutrition security, access to information and learning and to improve capacity of future human resources developed * Communication and networking channels through partnerships between key actors (universities, farmer groups, extension services, development actors, infomediaries, media and private sector) to identify options for ICT4Ag and eLearning and mLearning solutions for secondary and tertiary education sector functioning * Viable solutions for ICT4Ag evaluated and future potential for development and up-scaling identified* Strategies and options for sustainability of action developed

Young farmers with a sound understanding of new communication technologies play a key role in this development. Education and lifelong learning, through means of ICT are key in reaching the country’s development goals and reducing rural poverty and food and nutrition insecurity. Universities should actively participate in developing innovative technologies for ICT4Ag and be ready for this future challenge and play a major role in identifying suitable solutions. SCARA project, jointly coordinated by Egerton and BOKU University, addresses and includes capacity building in respective areas, participation in the ICT development process, use of new technologies and tools in teaching and interaction with the key players like infomediaries, private businesses and the beneficiaries and communities. ICT4Ag will help to boost development of technologies tailor-made for small-scale farmers and increase technology adoption.

Overall this proposed project aims to strengthen Egerton Universities training, research and extension capacity in above mentioned areas. As a long-term goal adoption rates of newly developed technologies for agricultural water for food and nutrition security interventions shall increase due to utilization of proper ICT4Ag tools.

Coordinateur : Egerton University
Partenaires : University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU)

Financement principal : Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC)
Budget : 233 345 EUR

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