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UNDP Basket Fund Transition Chad


Titre : UNDP Basket Fund Transition Chad

Pays/Région : Tchad

IATI Identifiant  : XM-DAC-7-PPR-4000005662

Durée : Planned start date : January 1, 2022 // Planned end date : December 31, 2023

The current transition government in Chad appear to have the political will and shows a cooperative attitude to proceed according to the set-up roadmap as specific steps have been taken, but has limited capacity and financing hindering the process. To fill the gap in finances, the UNDP established a joined Basket Fund to share the responsibility and create synergy among like-minded donors. The focus of Fund is setting up national dialogue, the establishment of a constitution and elections. The concrete result areas are formulated as followed : a new social contract facilitated by national dialogue, constitution and elections ; and increasing legitimacy and trust in the national dialogue and the process towards a new constitution.

Mise en oeuvre  : UNDP

Budget  : €2.02 mln


Page publiée le 2 septembre 2023