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Universidade do Porto (2008)

Água como recurso renovável : o design na concepção de um produto para uma prática sustentável

Brito, Carla Maria Alves

Titre : Água como recurso renovável : o design na concepção de um produto para uma prática sustentável

Auteur : Brito, Carla Maria Alves

Université de soutenance : Universidade do Porto

Grade : Mestrado. Design Industrial. 2008

Résumé partiel
Before directing a research work and a scientific exploration work the designer does a background study of the present time as well as of the areas that may be considered of relevant interest. The good management of the natural resource water, besides being an issue of global interest presents as a necessary and urgent fact to be considered by all the participants whom directly or inderectly are related to this matter. For the industrial designer that responsibility is considerable. So, the curiosity and need to enlarge the knowledge to distinct areas arises, in this case the ecologic sustainability of this resource on our planet, the new technologies, with emphasis to specially nanotechnology and the design as a way to approach the needs of man in a certain context, trying to answer conscious and sustainably through the contribution with a product /system. The designing process contains a social responsibility in what concerns the creation of new systems or products during all its life cycle. By life cycle of a product, we must understand all the phases to which a product is subjected, the concept definition, of its context and application area, going through the production process to which the selected materials are inherent, the technology including techniques and methods of production, the performance and/or the final application to which it was projected and finally, until it becomes unnecessary and may be considered its re‐use or recycling. Sometimes it´s not possible to present worthy solutions to all these processes and it´s even a more difficult task when its application is related with the resource water, which plays a decisive and very inclusive part in the operation of the Earth global system. Meanwhile, it’s important that, in a conscientious way, all the conditions are present along this process in order to explore the largest sustainable possibilities. There have been several references to water, that become obvious to the definition of this line of work, mainly because it´s one of the most important elements of the planet, maybe the most important natural resource allowing the existence of life and because it´s the main component in all cells. Some authors consider that in a near future, of twenty years, we will face more changes in what concerns the development and management of water than in the last two thousand years.


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