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Palestinian paper cups


Titre : Palestinian paper cups

Pays : Palestine

Dates : Start date : 1 March 2014 End date : 19 December 2018

Identification projet : NL-KVK-27378529-PSIP13OT35

Programme : Private Sector Investment programme (PSI)

Partners for this project have identified the need for a local (regional) producer for paper cups that are suitable for cold drinks. The applicant is mainly active in installation and trade of machines for the paper industry and has a longstanding relationship with the local partner. They see the Palestinian Territories as a suitable production spot for the region. The project will be situated in Hebron and the joint venture for the project will hire production location in the city. The applicant is Janssen & Janssen International B.V. from the Netherlands. The local partner is Al-Ahlia Boxes Industry Co., a company that is manufacturing and distributing different kinds of cardboard boxes. The partners will set up a joint venture company for the project. The project will introduce innovative technology to the Palestinian Territories and substitute imports.

Partenaire (s) : Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Al-Ahlia Boxes Industry Co., Janssen & Janssen International B.V.

Budget Total : €842,400

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

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