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MA-Rural Water Supply (Morocco)


Titre : MA-Rural Water Supply (Morocco)

Pays : Maroc

Date : Start Date April 2014 // End Date December 2022

The objective of the Rural Water Supply Project for Morocco is to provide access to safe and reliable drinking water supply for rural communities in targeted underserved areas in the project area. The project has three components. (1) Extension of access to water supply through standpipes in selected provinces within the project area component will extend water supply to selected rural areas in provinces including Nador and Driouch in the North of the country ; Safi, Sidi Bennour, El Jadida and Rehamna in the Center ; and Tiznit and Chtouka Ait Baha in the South. Infrastructure development will consist mostly of works including the possible need to augment water supply production in the Tiznit area, construction of storage tanks (elevated or grounded), pumping stations, lateral mains, and public standpipe delivery systems in targeted villages (douars). All water supply infrastructure developed under the project will be operated and maintained by National Electricity and Potable Water Utility (ONEE). Once installed, standpipes will be operated and maintained by individual caretakers under management contracts. (2) Supporting the shift towards water service delivery through house connections component will comprise limited infrastructure development to increase the capacity of the regional access network in areas where the regional network installed in earlier stages of Rural Water Supply Program and Universal Water Access Programme is insufficient to provide an adequate service, due to lower design standards at the time (20 liters per capita per day), to allow house connection service delivery. (3) Implementation support and capacity building component will finance consultant services to provide technical assistance to ONEE for project implementation support, studies and capacity building activities.


Financement : European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Budget : US$ 158.6 millions


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