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Integrated Disaster Risk Management and Resilience Program (Morocco)


Titre : Integrated Disaster Risk Management and Resilience Program (Morocco)

Pays : Maroc

Date : Start Date April 2016 // End Date December 2023

The objective of the Integrated Disaster Risk Management and Resilience Program-for-Results Project for Morocco is to improve the institutional framework to finance disaster risk reduction activities and strengthen financial resilience to natural disasters for targeted populations in the Program area. Morocco has begun developing an integrated DRM reform program, which combines elements of institutional reform with risk reduction investments and risk insurance to ensure that residual risks that cannot be cost-effectively mitigated are efficiently financed. The Government program consists of the consolidation and further development of Morocco’s risk management activities and specifically aims to : (i) improve Morocco’s institutional DRM framework and capacity ; (ii) scale up disaster risk reduction investments in both structural and non-structural measures and assure such investments are transparently selected, strategic, and cost effective ; and (iii) protect vulnerable populations and economic assets through creation of catastrophic risk insurance and a financial safety net for the most vulnerable who are often not insured. The PforR has been identified as the most appropriate lending instrument for a number of reasons. First, the PforR is an effective instrument to ensure that the Bank’s assistance provides incentives for achievement of concrete results by directly linking Bank disbursements to intended results. In addition, the instrument allows for targeting Bank implementation support, including through the mobilization of technical assistance, on the achievement of these results. Second, the PforR is well suited to support a government program that aims to improve the strategic management of an existing expenditure framework, including through more transparent investment selection processes and better monitoring and evaluation (M&E). T

Project implemented by  : Ministry of Economy, Finance and Administrative Reform -MEF- (Morocco)

Financement : European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Budget : US$ 200 millions


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