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Supporting the economic inclusion of youth (Morocco)


Titre : Supporting the economic inclusion of youth (Morocco)

Pays : Maroc

Date : Start Date May 2019 // End Date September 2024

The development objective of the Supporting the Economic Inclusion of Youth Project for Morocco is to increase access to economic opportunities for youth in the project area.

There are three components to the project.
* First component, Promoting youth employability and economic inclusion is to provide individual support to sub-groups of youth to improve their access to economic opportunities through the set-up of outreach, information, profiling and orientation services (through on-the-job training and skills development, referral to entrepreneurship support activities and job opportunities, and intermediation services provided by the project and complementary programs available in the territory of project activities).
The activities are also expected to improve individual social skills and promote positive social outcomes.
This component includes two sub-components : (i) the set-up of the Youth Employment Centers (EEJs), an information, orientation and referral system for young people, allowing them to improve their employability through better skills, knowledge of opportunities, and access to labor market intermediation services and other existing programs ; and (ii) skills development support that focuses on the needs of the labor market at the provincial and regional level, primarily to benefit low skilled youth, including specific segments of the youth population such as rural women, with a strong emphasis on job placement and economic inclusion (aiming to improve the employability of young people, strengthen the support system for economic inclusion of direct beneficiaries, and set up a more dynamic, effective, efficient and relevant skills development approach in line with labor market demand and emerging economic sectors such as adaptive and clean smart technologies) ;

* Second component, Fostering the entrepreneurial ecosystem and supporting entrepreneurship opportunities.

Project implemented by Ministry of Labor and Professional Insertion (Morocco)

Financement : European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Budget : US$ 55 millions


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