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A Computer Room for CEM 2 Ndioum (Senegal)


Titre : A Computer Room for CEM 2 Ndioum (Senegal)

Pays : Senegal

Date : Project Launch : 4-6-18

CEM 2 is host to 777 students that live in the community of Ndioum. The rural area is deeply affected by poverty and the challenges of residing in a hot semi-arid climate. The local school lacks access to computers and the Internet, increasing the isolation of the community. The computer project will facilitate the inclusion of Ndioum into Senegalese culture. Children will obtain information and develop new ideas about how to improve their village and even the world. They will be better suited to fight female genital mutilation, expand their worldviews, and develop a better idea of their life choices and career potential.

Budget : $4,504.76

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Page publiée le 5 septembre 2023