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Solar Power and Running Water for Village Health Hut in Senegal


Titre : Solar Power and Running Water for Village Health Hut in Senegal

Pays : Senegal

Date : Project Launch : 6-29-15

The Thiankone Bougel Health Hut in Senegal currently operates without electricity or running water, limiting the facility’s operations at night and overburdening the staff who have to fetch water multiple times per day and make night time house calls. The majority of residents in Thiankone have electricity and water in their homes, so pregnant women often choose home deliveries instead of seeking delivery care at the health hut under the care of trained, equipped health workers. This project will provide the health hut with solar panels and water access in order to improve conditions for health, increase the number of visits by pregnant women and new mothers, and reduce the burdens placed on already very busy health workers. The project will also involve educational workshops on the benefits of hand washing to promote improved sanitation and hygiene within the community.

Progress Update : 12/14/2015
The residents of Thiankone Bougel remain enthusiastic and motivated to complete this project. The village has pitched in and used their own money to move the existing outdoor spigot closer to the health hut and installed an additional spigot on the side of the building near the public latrine. With help from a local plumber, the spigots and sinks are installed and properly functioning, providing the health hut with running water. This change alone has greatly decreased the work burden on the health hut workers and since the water project’s completion, 17 babies have been safely and hygienically delivered in the birthing room. In conjunction with a Red Cross sponsored youth club, the health hut held a community-wide hygiene party with educational workshops, informative speeches, and celebratory dancing, which was attended by over 100 community members. Over the next couple weeks, solar panels will be installed at the health hut.

Final Report : 8/26/2016
Although there are some reliability issues related to the solar panel system, there is now running water at the health hut. Utilization of the facility has seen a marked increase and medical services are now available to the community day and night.

Budget : $1,550.50

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