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Keur Mandoumbe School Wall (Senegal)


Titre : Keur Mandoumbe School Wall (Senegal)

Pays : Senegal

Date : Project Launch : 7-1-16

Keur Mandoumbe is a remote community located 30km from the nearest paved road. The community’s primary school, which serves 200 students, is littered with trash and crumbling infrastructure. This project will build a wall around the primary school, improving safety and security for the students and faculty. To beautify the area, students will plant trees and a school garden, as well as paint health-themed murals to promote proper sanitation and hygiene.

Progress Update : 10/31/2016
The school wall is nearly complete, only lacking the doors that provide access to the school which will be installed this week. Murals and educational aids will be developed in the coming weeks with the cooperation of teachers and students.

Final Report : 4/13/2017
The wall has been entirely completed and the community has been extremely pleased to finally realize their goal of improving the school grounds in a lasting manner. Work will continue on landscaping and tree planting in order to better beautify the wall and develop the environmental sustainability component of the project.

Budget : $3,928.36

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