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Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA) 2013

Mapping of Water Conflicts and Best Management Practices in Pastoralist Areas in the Sahel

Djibouti ; Ethiopia ; Germany ; Niger ; Somalia

Long-term Europe-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership for Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture

Titre : Mapping of Water Conflicts and Best Management Practices in Pastoralist Areas in the Sahel

Pays/Région : Djibouti ; Ethiopia ; Germany ; Niger ; Somalia

Date : Start date 2013-01-01 End date 2015-12-31

Identifiant : 51-NO-ACRONYM
Type de projet : Fundamental research project

Pastoralists are migrating cattle herders. In Africa, ca. 18-20 Mio pastoralists produce ca. 60% of the meat and ca. 30% of the GDP. During history they have been relegated to the drylands where they are affected by climate change, degradation of natural resources and limited social and economic infrastructure. According to UNEP almost all Sahel countries face increasing water vulnerability, water scarcity or even water stress. In line with UNDP the SUNARPA team is convinced that one of the major causes of the water crisis is a crisis of governance. The increased number and intensity of water conflicts are indicators.

Social, economic, political, ecological science provides the know-how for introducing any sustainable innovation & technology. Peace is the underlying condition for any development. Aiming at making use of water in pastoralist areas sustainable & peaceful the project uses the interdisciplinary research frame of Nobel Prize winner for economy Elinor Ostrom. It focuses on analysing the Socio-Ecological Systems and serves the SUNARPA Team to analyse conflicts and options of conflict resolution and peaceful water management. The Team aims at designing ways out of the pastoralist crisis by creating evidence-based know-how for decisionmakers and pastoralists.

The team conducts studies on water governance and conflicts in pastoralist areas using literature reviews, regional /transboundary field research, stakeholder and conflict analyses, workshops, conferences, publications. The SUNARPA Team represents the disciplines : Agriculture & Livestock, Economy, Environment & Pastoralism, Gender Studies, Geography, International & Development Studies, Law, Literature & Communication Science, Management of Natural Resources, Peace & Conflict Studies, Political & Social Science, Soil Science/Pedology, Water Engineering.

Coordinateur : University of Khartoum
Partenaires : Amoud University International Network for Strategic Studies on Conflicts in Africa (RIESCA) Ethiopian Civil Service University Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) New Generation University College (NGUC) Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin) EcoDevelopment GmbH - Society for International Development Research and Planning Ltd. Yabconsult Ltd.

Financement principal : Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD) (H2020)
Budget : 1 100 000 EUR

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