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Reach for the Stars : A Senegalese Community Library (Senegal)


Titre : Reach for the Stars : A Senegalese Community Library (Senegal)

Pays : Senegal

Date : 2013

This project will result in the establishment of a library space in the village of Medina Sabakh, focused on education, community outreach and improving French-literacy of students and the wider community. In area with steadily increasing literacy rates, a library is in high-demand for both students and the general public. Textbooks will be purchased across a variety of subjects and the library will run regular book clubs and other educational activities. In addition, librarians will be trained to manage the space, providing local employment opportunities.

Project Update :
The library is officially open for public use, a librarian has been successfully trained, and the books have been acquired and organized, more books than originally planned. Teachers have been using the books within their classrooms, and students have been very proactive, with either using the books within the library facilities, or taking the books home. Overall, this project has promoted learning and reading within the community and has engaged the students by encouraging reading outside the classroom.

This project also caught the attention of some of World Connect’s youngest constituents who participate in the organization’s Kids Connect program, which promotes global citizenship and global service. At Bay View Academy in Rhode Island, students raised hundreds of dollars for this project by holding both a bake sale and donut sale.

Budget : $3,391.40

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