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Today’s Readers, Tomorrow’s Leaders (Senegal)


Titre : Today’s Readers, Tomorrow’s Leaders (Senegal)

Pays : Senegal

Date : 2012

Situated on the highway, the population of Maleme Niani, a town located in the Tambacounda region in eastern Senegal has been exposed to a great deal of cultural diversity, particularly as tourists and Malian truck drivers pass through regularly. Community leaders see this unique circumstance as an opportunity to educate young people about different countries and cultures. World Connect partnered with community leaders in Maleme Niani to build a library at the local secondary school staffed by local educators. The library will be open to students all year long and equipped with desktop computers. Activities in the library will be closely monitored by educators to ensure that the new space is meeting the educational needs of the students.

Budget : $3,000.00

World Connect

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