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Moringa Nutrition Tourney (Senegal)


Titre : Moringa Nutrition Tourney (Senegal)

Pays : Senegal

Date : 2013

Despite abundant rainfall and rich natural resources in Kolda, Senegal, the area is one of the most food insecure regions in the country. This project aims to start a movement in the city of Kolda to raise awareness of a valuable, underutilized local resource, the moringa oleifera plant, which is easy to grow and rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and is becoming widely used in global project fighting malnutrition.

Project Update :
The project focuses on 14 women’s groups, each of which were trained in the cultivation of moringa as well as educated about its impact on women’s health and diet. Specifically, the groups were educated on the nutritional and economic benefits of the moringa plant. In addition, women were taught how to cook with moringa, as well as make a nutritional drink out of the plant. Each group is drafting an action plan on how it will promote and use moringa ; once finalized, the groups will receive moringa seeds and get started making and using the powder in their communities. Furthermore, a local radio station got involved, broadcasting the message about moringa’s health benefits to a large audience.

Moringa is an easy and inexpensive way to add nutrition to a family’s diet, and can help with a variety of health problems, as well as provide women with an extra source of income if they choose to grow and sell it.

Budget : $500.00

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