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Medina Fall, Talibe Garden Well Project (Senegal)


Titre : Medina Fall, Talibe Garden Well Project (Senegal)

Pays : Senegal

Date : 2014

Thies is located on the outer edge of what is referred to as Senegal’s "Peanut Basin." A hot and often humid area of the country known for its sandy soils, Thies experiences, on average, a 9-month long dry season, making farming and gardening difficult in the area.
This project will turn an empty sandlot into a functional garden. The garden will provide the community with work skills, an understanding of nutrition, and produce to supplement their diets. A well will be built on site with a gravity-fed system with two water basins to provide adequate water for the garden. Having easily accessible water will reduce the strenuous long trips community members usually take to collect water, and will help keep the garden functional during the long dry season.

Projet Update
The community has started digging the well and has installed the metal pulley system. They will finish digging within the next few weeks and then begin constructing the two cisterns. The response from the community has been positive and encouraging. Every day, women’s groups from the neighborhood, groups of young men, and various acquaintances of the involved Daara’s stop by to help lend a hand.

Budget : $2,082.50

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