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Netherlands East African Dairy Partnership (NEADAP2)

Afrique de l’Est (Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi)

Titre : Netherlands East African Dairy Partnership (NEADAP2)

Pays /Région : Afrique de l’Est (Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi)

Début du projet : Nov 1, 2021
Fin du projet : Dec 31, 2023


NEADAP2 will build on innovative practices developed in ongoing programs through a co-creation process. This process entails developing innovations into scalable prototypes, scaling tested solutions, and finally mainstreaming them on a large scale. The growing demand for dairy products offers an unique opportunity for dairy to contribute to healthy diets, employment, and ecologically sound food production by : * providing affordable, safe and nutritious diets for bottom-of-the-pyramid consumers * developing efficient value chains that generate rural incomes and improved livelihoods * developing dairy farming systems that are productive, profitable, resource efficient, ecological sustainable and climate smart

Partner participation will vary across the six NEADAP2 themes and activities. The six NEADAP themes are healthy diets for BoP consumers, milk safety and value chain collaboration, self-sustaining extension services, sustainable dairy farming systems, future dairy professionals and policy dialogue. These will be impemented in three sets of project activities :
A) Product development and adaptation - Compiling information and evidence on selected solutions for the dairy sector, termed ‘products’ by NEADAP. Developing guidelines and training materials, as well as adaptation of products to new countries.
B) Scaling and mainstreaming - By local dairy cooperatives, companies and service firms ; local government agencies ; universities and research institutes, with advice from NEADAP staff. Scaling and mainstreaming will enable further utilization of the products in new organizations and in new countries. Lessons learned will be shared in communities of practice.
C) Platform activities - Creating general networking and learning opportunities through specific events (e.g. conferences, workshops, webinars).

Client (s) : Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Addis Ababa

Partenaires : Wageningen Livestock Research Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation SNV, Agriterra, and Solidaridad. Collaborators include East African dairy cooperatives, dairy processors, forage seed and feed suppliers, Universities and ATVETs ; Pro Dairy Ltd, Yoba4Life Foundation, Delta Dairy Academy, Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP), BLES Dairies.

Présentation : Wageningen UR

Page publiée le 15 septembre 2023