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Noor Publishing (2023)

Characteristics of the Mosuli Society (A Social Field Study)

May Mokarram Abdul Aziz

Titre : Characteristics of the Mosuli Society (A Social Field Study)

Auteur (s)  : May Mokarram Abdul Aziz
Editeur  : Noor Publishing
Date de parution : 15.03.2023
Pages : 88

Présentation _Preface City of Mosul is one of the important Iraqi cities that has been distinguished from other Iraqi cities with civilized features that affected the character of its social life, throughout its long social history, which gave the city a unique cultural depth. It seems that the Islamic conquest of the city of Mosul in 16 AH was a shining station in the history and character of the city, when Islamic religion entered it with Arab tribes who migrated from the Arabian Peninsula. The city acquired a new and bright civilized reputation depending on the new Islamic culture with its values, principles, morals and ideals. Thus, the province of Mosul remained throughout the Umayyad and Abbasid eras ruled by Muslim rulers and princes. Many states were established in Mosul during that period, including the Hamdaniyah, Aqiliyah, Atabegiyah and other emirates and countries. After the fall of the Abbasid Caliphate in 656 AH / 1258 AD by the Tatar Mongol invasion, city of Mosul was governed by the Mongol ruler in 1260 AD. The city, like other Iraqi cities, suffered from oppression, persecution, killing and destruction, which prompted many of its people to leave out of it.

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