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Our Knowledge Publishing (2023)

Sustainable heritage in Ouaouizeght

Mariam El Khattari

Titre : Sustainable heritage in Ouaouizeght

Auteur (s)  : Mariam El Khattari
Editeur  : Our Knowledge Publishing
Date de parution : 2023-06-22
Pages : 64

Morocco’s tourism sector has risen to considerable challenges, enabling it to position itself as the country’s economic powerhouse. OUAOUIZIGHT, in the province of AZILAL, is part of the Atlas vallées territory in the center of the country. This book answers the following questions : "Will tourism in Ouaouizight be sustainable ? How can local people be involved in the process ? Is tourism development fair and responsible ? And are the townspeople really benefiting from this windfall ? Most of the tourism projects currently underway are being carried out by foreigners ; the local population of Ouaouizeght doesn’t feel involved at all, despite the fact that most of the labor in the tourism sector is provided by the local population (construction, catering, accommodation, reception...). Tourism is becoming an increasingly important source of employment and foreign currency for the Ouaouizeght commune. Thanks to tourism, the local territory and heritage (cultural, natural, architectural...) will be enhanced.

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