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Environmentally friendly plastics for the Palestinian Territories


Titre : Environmentally friendly plastics for the Palestinian Territories

Pays : Palestine

Dates : Start date : 1 January 2012 End date : 27 June 2018

Identification projet : NL-KVK-27378529-PSIP11OT2F

Programme : Private Sector Investment programme (PSI)

The project applied for will introduce the manufacturing of bio-degradable plastic to "plastic city" Hebron and hence to the Palestinian Territories.
The applicant, Dutch Printing Innovations B.V., is a small company that organises revision of machinery in mainly the printing sector. It also deals with plastic manufacturing equipment. In the recent past, contacts were established with the Palestinian plastic manufacturers. Through the PSIP project on dairy packaging manufacturing that was contracted in 2010, the contacts were re-established.

In the contacts with local partner Zmzm for Plastic Industries Ltd, the perspective for bio-degradable plastic was discussed and assessed as an interesting development of the market. The material is initially very suitable for agricultural foil and garbage bags. The introduction of this innovative material in the regional market will be through existing contacts of the local partner : some of them have already given their intent to buy the products. Within the project, a used plastic collection system will be organised.
The partners will set up a joint venture. The project will introduce an environment friendly product in the region.

Partenaire (s) : Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Zmzm for Plastic Industries Co., Dutch Printing Innovations B.V.

Budget Total : €963,788

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

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