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Ohio University (1993)

Reservoir management during drought : An expert system approach

Moore, David L.

Titre : Reservoir management during drought : An expert system approach.

Auteur : Moore, David L.

Université de soutenance : Ohio University

Grade : MS, Civil Engineering (Engineering), 1993,

Few expert systems have been written for reservoir operations for drought management. The development of an expert system that can assist in drought monitoring and provide suggestions for a target outflow in the operation of reservoirs is the objective of this study. At times of drought, the conservation of water resources is imperative. The DDMES uses current operating rules ("rules of thumb") and policies to produce a real time recommendation. This suggestion, because of its immediate nature, can be used at the same time that a human expert is making a decision for reservoir operation. When used with a human expert, DDMES could become a valuable tool for optimal decision making. This ES is written for the recommended operation of four reservoirs in the Scioto River Basin. The four reservoirs, Alum Creek, Deer Creek, Delaware, and Paint Creek are operated by the u.s. Army Corps of Engineers mainly for the purpose of flood control. Figure 1 shows the location of gauges in the basin. The DOMES is a highly modular and portable system that can be applied to reservoir systems other than the Scioto River Basin.

Mots-clés : Reservoir management ; Drought ; Expert system approach


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