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Isfahan-Iran 14-17 May 2012

Human Impacts on Soil Quality Attributes in Arid and Semiarid Regions (HISQA2)

Second International Conference (HISQA2)

Isfahan-Iran 14-17 May 2012

Supporting Organizations

IUT Soil Science Center of Excellences ; IUT Soilless Culture Research Centre ; ISS, Iranian Soil Science Society ; AREO Iran Agri Research Organization ; ISTRO, Iranian Branch ; ETH, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ; EAWAG, Swiss Federal Inst. Aqua Sci. Tech. ; FAO, Food and Agricultural Organization IUSS, International Union of Soil Science


One of the important environmental challenges arising from growing urban, agricultural and industrial development is the degradation of soil resources. The processes of soil degradation are closely linked to unfavorable alterations in the physical, chemical, biological and hydrological activities and mis-management by humans. If the consequences of these activities are not adequately addressed, the stability of soil’s ecosystem for the next generation will be jeopardized. A vast area of the earth is characterized by arid and semiarid conditions. Soil quality, its role in human life and its sensitivity to human impacts in these areas is very different from those in other climatic zones. Intensified use due to increased population pressure has already resulted in and aggravated serious problems such as salinization, alkalinization, nutrient depletion, desertification, erosion and other forms of land degradation. Thus, it is very useful to take a look at the relationship between soil and man in these areas to assess and anticipate the interdependence of soil and society.

Conference Themes

Sustainable/Integrated Management
1. Socio-economic Aspects
2. Agro-industrial Pollutants
3. Water Scarcity
4. Accelerating Air Pollution

Soil Quality and Human Health
1. Physico-chemical, Biological Degradation
2. Flooding and Erosion of Sediment
3. Salinization

Soil Resources Restoration
1. Carbon Sequestration
2. Deforestation/Depasturation
3. Desertification

New Methods for Monitoring Soil Quality Issues
Modeling and Soft Computing Techniques

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