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Anchorage, Alaska, USA 18-21 Septembre 2011

Erosion and Landscape Evolution (ISELE)

International Symposium

  International Symposium on Erosion and Landscape Evolution (ISELE)

Anchorage, Alaska, USA 18-21 Septembre 2011


American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)


Soil erosion caused by water and/or wind is a continuing problem throughout the world that threatens the capacity of the Earth to produce food, fiber, and renewable sources of energy for an ever-increasing population. Additionally, eroded sediment is a major air and water pollutant, causing many detrimental off-site impacts. Erosion by wind and/or water processes continually impacts the evolution of landscapes. With global climate change, erosion and landscape evolution may be accelerated, particularly in regions such as Alaska, where increases in air temperature of just a few degrees may shift large landscape areas from frozen to thawing and more erodible conditions. This symposium provides a forum for participants to discuss the current status and the future of soil erosion research.

  Topic Areas

1. Erosion Processes (Detachment, Transport, Deposition)

2. Prevention and Control of Upland and In-Stream Erosion

3. Highly Disturbed, Urban Areas, and Arid Lands

4. Erosion Processes in Wetlands, Coastal, and Glacial Areas

5. Aeolian Erosion and Fugitive Dust Emission

6. Impacts of Global Change on Erosion Processes and Landscape Evolution

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