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Muscat - Oman 7- 9 January 2012

Geology of the Arabian Plate and the Oman Mountains

International Conference

  International Conference on the Geology of the Arabian Plate and the Oman Mountains

Muscat - Oman 7- 9 January 2012


Sultan Qaboos University, Oman


The Department of Earth Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, is situated in close proximity of Oman Mountains and has for the past 25 years been actively involved in advancing geological knowledge about the Arabian Peninsula in general and the Oman Mountains in particular. Progress in this understanding has been reviewed during two previous geological conferences on the Oman Mountains in 1990 and 2001, which were attended by delegates from 37 countries. In order to review new developments during the last ten years and to promote ongoing geological research, the Department of Earth Sciences is organizing a third conference in this series for 2012. This conference will present the latest developments across a broad spectrum of Earth-science professions, including sedimentary and hard-rock geology, base and precious metals industry, petroleum geology, groundwater, geophysics, and geohazards. This conference is intended to be a broader consideration of not only the geology of Oman but also the entire Arabian Plate. The Department of Earth Sciences at the Sultan Qaboos University looks forward to welcoming you to this unique forum for sharing, discussing, and integrating the latest ideas about the geology of this vital region.


The overall objective of the 2012 conference is to gather Earth scientists from all parts of the world to encourage research and promote better understanding of the geology, economic potential, and environments of the Arabian Plate and the Oman Mountains. The specific objectives of the conference are :
1) To provide a forum for presenting recent research on the geologic framework of the Arabian Plate.
2) To encourage the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences between scientists regarding the geological evolution of the region.
3) To promote the sustainable geological and environmental conservation and development

 Technical Sessions Themes

1 - The Arabian Plate Lithosphere and Boundaries

2 - The Sedimentary Cover of the Arabian Plate

3 - Hydrocarbon Systems of Arabia

4- Ophiolite Genesis and the Oman Mountains

5- Environment and Water Resources

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