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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 9-11 march 2011

AfricaAdapt Climate Change

Symposium 2011

  AfricaAdapt Climate Change symposium 2011

Le partage des connaissances pour l’adaptation aux changements climatiques

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 9-11 march 2011



  Main themes

The main themes are set out below :

1. National and international policy : Linking policy and practice

2. Links between adaptation, mitigation and low carbon, or “climate compatible” development

3. New thinking on community-led responses : From local to global

4. The roles of media and intermediaries in translating, sharing, and advocating

5. Roles of local and indigenous knowledge in addressing climate change

6. Special panels on gender and youth ; agriculture ; Ethiopia ; and the Fellowship Programme


Nearly 200 researchers, civil society actors, donors, government officials, NGO practitioners and media specialists gathered in Addis Ababa to share and learn at this 3-day event. The presentations and extended abstracts for all papers from this exciting event can now be accessed here, via the Project Resources tab for each of the key symposium themes.

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