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Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP) (2009)

A dinâmica erosiva do escoamento pluvial em área de depressão sertaneja e de maciço residual no semi-árido cearense

Falcão, Cleire Lima da Costa

Titre : A dinamica erosiva do escoamento pluvial em área de depressão sertaneja e de maciço residual no semi-árido cearense

The erosive dynamics of the storm water runoff in an area of depression and residual mass in semi-arid region of Ceará

Auteur : Falcão, Cleire Lima da Costa

Université de soutenance : Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP)

Grade : Tese de Doutorado 2009

The present work based on this perspective sistemic looking for the understanding that the components and natural fit into making an exchange of matter and energy in this perspective, the area of study is to examine the area of the river basin hidrography and Acaraú(Ce), which had been considered the historical and cultural aspects, realize, it is important inter-relationships with the physical aspects : Vegetation cover, climate, hydrography, Soils, geology and evaluate the Stimate geomorphology. The method the product of sediments into two Sub-basin in different scenaries of land use, dynamics of erosive runoff rain on the banks of the River canal in two areas of geomophology unit called in a solid Residual mass and Sertaneja in luvisoils chronic depression. The choice for draining basins based on the assumption they are present an espatial unit where the different elements are integrate into balance. Consider and the fact that the highest rastes are found in erosive areas where agriculture was dedicated crops temporary cycle Annual therefore believe that for the control of erosion need to prevent water becomes fast on their way to runoff, because of erosive intensity varies according to different rates of coverage on the ground. To estimate the Corriement of sediment from the surface rain, for several types of agricultural management in the region, trying to play a scenary the two sub-basins as three the reality of small farmer, depending on the preparation of land for growing Subsistence banks of the river surface, where the soil is bare of vegetation as early as the beggining of the first rains. During two years of monitoring, the runoff was directed to the rails and Tanks of Sedimentation, as plots were installed on the top of the river terrace, to Slope on the right bank of each Sub-basin, three in the area massive Argilosoils 1 (A,B,C) and 3 in the Area 2 depression Luvisoils (D,E,F), under the canopy, with the usable area of 1.72500M, and 50M wide and 10M long, the plots A and D, 50 wide and 11,5M in tengh, parcels B and E, 50M wide and 13M in Lengh the parcels C and F. It was possible to observe an inluence of the vegetation covering into taking of sediments. The Scenaries created different Standards of production of sediments. One redution about 83% for parcel with 3M and 92 for parcel S/V. it can observe that highest of the Covering Soil stays small concretly the transport of sediments taken. These results evidence necessity of study for identification areas where is necessary with implementation of the practices of maneja useful of soil for the control process erosives and no only practices of protection to the courses of water by covering of the soil.

Mots Clés : Análise sistêmica ; Carreamento de sedimentos ; Cobertura vegetal ; Erosão ; Solos ; Erosion ; Sistemic analysis ; Soils ; Taking of sediments ; Vegetation covering


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