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University of Arizona (1994)

Protected areas and management agencies in arid landscapes

Burmil, Shmuel

Titre : Protected areas and management agencies in arid landscapes

Auteur : Burmil, Shmuel

Université de soutenance : University of Arizona

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 1994

In this dissertation, two agencies charged with the management of public protected areas in arid landscapes are analyzed for their ability to successfully execute their missions. First, the characteristics of arid landscapes are explored. Abiotic, biotic, and cultural—including perceptual—aspects of arid landscapes are considered and included in constructing the unique profile of arid landscapes. Structural and functional characteristics expected from such agencies are established based on considerations related to policy making and implementation, agency organization, and landscape characteristics. A framework for analysis of the commons is adapted for the analysis of each agency. Literature review and information obtained by surveys are used for the analysis of the agencies to fit the expected characteristics. The structure and function of the agencies are found not to fit the expected ones. Existing administrative systems are not capable of dealing with landscapes. Decision making by small local communities were proposed as an appropriate solution for ecological issues, yet are found here to be inappropriate. A model for agency structure and function that includes a combination of larger perspective with local involvement is proposed and discussed. A general model for decision making regarding protection of natural resources in arid landscapes, and its possible applicability to other landscapes and land


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