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Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (2006)

The passive cooling potential of watered roofs

Rosenfeld, Sigal

Titre : The passive cooling potential of watered roofs

Auteur : Rosenfeld, Sigal

Université de soutenance : Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Grade : Master of Arts 2006

The use of passive cooling on roofs holds a great unfulfilled potential in desert regions. In this study, the contribution of a watered soil with two types of shading for roof cooling was assessed. Two test chambers of approximately 4 m² in area and 2.5 m high were monitored during the summer season. Both chambers were covered with a 16 cm layer of soil. One was untreated while the other was watered and shaded consecutively by means of an overhead shading mesh and a thin layer of lightweight gravel. Temperatures were measured inside the chambers and at various points within the soil depth, to evaluate the cooling effect. A comparison of thermal conditions included also the introduction of night ventilation and a short period of winter measurements. The two strategies of shading provided demonstrated that while the mesh had an overall large daily cooling power, the daytime cooling potential, which is crucial in summer, was higher with lightweight gravel.

Mots Clés : Buildings — Environmental engineering. — Roofs — Cooling. — Design and construction. — Thermal properties.

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