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Fisheries Management and Ecology

John Wiley & Sons

Fisheries Management and Ecology

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Informations sur le journal

Fisheries Management and Ecology is a journal with an international perspective. It presents papers that cover all aspects of the management, ecology and conservation of inland, estuarine and coastal fisheries.

The Journal aims to :
foster an understanding of the maintenance, development and management of the conditions under which fish populations and communities thrive, and how they and their habitat can be conserved and enhanced ;
promote a thorough understanding of the dual nature of fisheries as valuable resources exploited for food, recreational and commercial purposes and as pivotal indicators of aquatic habitat quality and conservation status ;
help fisheries managers focus upon policy, management, operational, conservation and ecological issues ;
assist fisheries ecologists become more aware of the needs of managers for information, techniques, tools and concepts ;
integrate ecological studies with all aspects of management ;
ensure that the conservation of fisheries and their environments is a recurring theme in fisheries and aquatic management.

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