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Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology

Editorial Office of Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology

Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology

Publisher : Editorial Office of Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology

Informations sur le journal

Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology was founded in 1955, representing the first academic journal in the ecological area in China. The journal is hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and co-sponsored by the Institute of Botany of the CAS and the Botanical Society of China. This journal appeared as Acta Phytoecologica Et Geobotanica Sinica in 1963. Since 1994, it was renamed into Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology. Now it is a monthly journal, and each issue with 120 pages.

  Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology aims to reflect the authoritative and scientific ideas in the development in the study of plant ecology and showcases research results in the fast growing and cutting-edge areas. The journal mainly publishes original papers on physiology ecology, plant population ecology, community ecology, ecosystem ecology, landscape ecology, chemical ecology, pollution ecology, restoration ecology, conservation ecology, agricultural ecology, forest ecology, grassland ecology as well as theoretical ecology. Besides, review articles or new ideas on the explorative research or development are also welcomed. We also have a discussion forum especially for publishing discussions and views on contentious issues, hoping to advance the development of the science of phytoecology.

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Disponible à partir de 1958 Vol.1 No.1

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