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Djerba, Tunisia 15-17 Avril 2013

Genetic Resources of Date Palm : Status, Characterization and Management Challenges

First International Meeting

Lieu et date : Djerba, Tunisia 15-17 Avril 2013

Organisation Institut des Zones Arides Tunisie


The oasis is a particular and unique ecosystem in the world. The genetic diversity of the date palm has emerged from a long process of natural evolution and patient selection by farmers. For millennia, the date palm has been dispersed in very diverse environments, well beyond its center of origin. Date palm has thus had to adapt progressively to different oases environments. This has led to the formation and expression of an important genetic diversity in the oases around the world. These genetic resources are an essential component of biodiversity and they represent a major challenge for research and development. The study of the genetic resources of the date palm, the identification of cultivars, their assessment and their conservation remains an urgent task. The purposes of this meeting are to review the efforts made to inventory and characterize this diverse heritage, using the biotechnologies available for its evaluation (such as molecular biology), and to make the necessary recommendations for its preservation and for better oasis management. Topics will also include the status of date palm biodiversity around the world and approaches followed by different research teams interested in genetic heritage.


Papers received and accepted will be presented and discussed in 3 sessions namely :
Session 1 : State of date palm biodiversity across the countries of date palm cultivation.
Session 2 : Approaches of inventories, characterization of the genetic resources of the date palm (field methods, biotechnology tools).
Session 3 : Management and development of date palm genetic resources. The sessions will begin with introductory lectures. Posters of each session will be summarized and presented by a facilitator.

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