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Muscat Oman 10-13 February 2013

Biotechnology & Conservation from species of arid lands

International Symposium

Lieu et date : Muscat Oman 10-13 February 2013


Sultan Qaboos University

Welcome Letter

We are very pleased to bring to your attention this conference, which is addressed to explore aspects related to the diversity, conservation and biotechnology of bacterial, plant and animal species from arid regions. Having to tolerate extreme environmental conditions, these species have developed unique adaptation strategies that can be utilized for biotechnology and their conservation poses a serious challenge. Research on plant and animal species from arid environments have received scant attention in most major biotechnology meetings. The conference is designed to bring together biotechnology scientists from universities, government research institutes and private sector laboratories as well as ethicists, policy makers and industry leaders who are interested in exploring biotechnological application of species from arid regions. It is anticipated that attendees will represent various developed countries with advanced research programs and developing countries in South and Southeast Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean region.


Track 1 : Biotechnology of extremophilic microorganisms

1.1 Microbial diversity in arid regions 1.2 Biotechnology of extremophiles 1.3 Extremophiles for bioremediating p olluted arid sites 1.4 Diversity and biotechnology of desert microbes 1.5 Halophilic and thermophilic microorganisms 1.6 Genomics and proteomic of extremophiles 1.7 Microbial enhanced oil recovery 1.8 Biofuels from biomass 1.9 Enzymes and chemicals from extremophiles 1.10 Marine biotechnology 1.11 Risk assessment and management in environment 1.12 Modeling of environmental problems

Track 2 : Biotechnology and conservation of animal species in arid regions

2.1 Novel methods in stem cell biotechnology 2.2 Cryo-conservation of endangered species tissues in arid regions 2.3 Advances in assisted reproductive technology in human 2.4 Genetic and epigenetic cellular reprogramming 2.5 Biotechnological models of transgenic animals 2.6 Emerging techniques in cell synchronization and differentiation 2.7 Ex situ animal conservation 2.8 Ethical Vs. religious interpretation of biotechnology 2.9 Camel breeding, reproduction, IVF and ET in Oman and arid regions 2.10 Advances in cell cryo-banking

Track 3 : Biotechnology and conservation of plant species in arid regions

3.1 Micropropagation and Somatic embryogenesis scale up technologies 3.2 Genetic transformation for salinity and stress tolerance 3.3 Scale up of Secondary metabolites in medicinal plants 3.4 Drug discovery, plants as a potential source 3.5 Plant genotyping, SNP/AFLP/RAPD 3.6 Transgenic technology for disease and pest resistance 3.7 Advances in bioanalytical techniques 3.8 Applications of biotechnology in pharmaceutical industry

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