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Bologna, Italy 12th to 15th June, 2012

7th EUropean Congress on REgional GEOscientific Cartography and Information Systems (EUREGEO)


Lieu et date : Bologna, Italy 12th to 15th June, 2012


EUREGEO will serve as a platform for experts from regional and national geological surveys, universities, research institutes and decision makers - bridging the gap between scientific research and practical application. Under the subheading “Sustainable Geo-Management”, discussion will focus on the contribution that Earth Sciences should give to ensure that the quality of growth in the future leads to a sustainable future. As we have seen in recent decades, intensive use of natural resources puts pressure on our planet, threatens the security of supply and increases the occurrence of natural hazards. As recently asserted by the Europe 2020 Strategy, "if we carry on using resources at the current rate, by 2050 we will need, on aggregate, the equivalent of more than two planets to sustain us, and the aspirations of many for a better quality of life will not be achieved".

The geo-scientific community is today’s key player in managing and building a sustainable world and has to contribute to this huge transformation improving its capability to deliver the data, information and knowledge required for decisions in politics and public administration. To increase efficiency in use of natural resources, minimize natural risk, deal with climate change and protect nature and the environment, reliable data and easy-to-use information systems are crucial. Today, as always, Geological Surveys all around the world have a duty to help achieve these goals, working together with other relevant organisations and agencies at Regional, National and International level.

The Congress intends to offer the geo-scientific community, which constitutes the largest ever living database of information about the past and present of planet Earth, the opportunity to illustrate its efforts towards building a sustainable world in which growth guarantees dignity, hope, justice and wellbeing for all.

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