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Food Security, Rehabilitation and Peace-building in Uige, Angola


Pays : Angola

Lead executing agency : Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Commissioned by : Bundesministerium für Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ)

Overall term : July 2005 to December 2007


In April 2002, after the 27-year civil war in Angola ended in peace, the majority of the internally displaced persons, refugees and demobilised soldiers with their families returned to their places of origin or resettled in new areas. In Uige Province in northern Angola, the returnees find themselves in a very difficult and dangerous situation. Landmines have been cleared from only a few access roads. In many places, strategic points and access roads are still mined and not usable. Social, production and traffic infrastructures are largely destroyed. Farmlands have been lying fallow for years. In many cases, they are overgrown with secondary vegetation that substantially hinders the efforts of returnees with impaired health to recultivate the land. There are hardly any government institutions in the interior of the country, and the few that exist cannot cope with the task of supporting the returnees. Owing to these circumstances and the extraordinarily high incidence of illness, the health and nutritional status of the population is uniformly poor, especially that of women and children. The majority of the rural population are in no condition to sustainably secure their survival without help.


The project strategy rests on the mutual interdependence of food insecurity and conflict-driven instability. The concept combines measures for food security, institution building, capacity building for self-help and dialogue, reintegration and non-violent conflict transformation.

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