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Transboundary water management in the SADC region

Africa, transnational (SADC headquarters : Botswana)

Pays : Africa, transnational (SADC headquarters : Botswana)

Lead executing agency : Secretariat of the Southern African Development Community (SADC)

Commissioned by : German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Overall term : 2005 to 2015


Water is a crucial factor for the economic development of southern Africa. Most of the region is characterised by extremely variable rainfall that is unequally distributed, with periodically recurring drought. Since the bulk of the region’s water resources come from the 15 transboundary river basins, sustainable management of the water resources requires the cooperation of all the riparian states.
In light of this, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) adopted the ‘Protocol on Shared Watercourse Systems’, which established the preconditions for joint transboundary management of water resources. In addition, SADC focuses on developing transboundary water infrastructure measures in order to improve the lives of the people living in the region


The project strengthens the capacities of institutions that ensure sustainable management of water resources in the SADC region. This includes supporting the establishment of river basin organisations for the Limpopo and Orange-Senqu rivers. These are multilateral organisations that strive to promote the peaceful sharing of scarce water resources from rivers that flow across borders. The project promotes management plans through which all the riparian states commit themselves to the coordinated economic development of the whole area of the river systems.


The German project strengthens the institutional and human resource capacities of river basin organisations and their networking efforts, as well as the development of management plans for entire river basins. Furthermore it supports the capacities of the SADC Secretariat and affiliated organisations. This establishes transparency and trust, which strengthens the cooperation between all members including the riparian states.
GIZ promotes exchanges between all international donors and encourages the harmonisation of their support. In the Orange-Senqu river system, it has formed a strategy committee with representatives of the regional river basin organisations and their donors. This committee is developing a concerted management plan for the entire river basin that combines the assistance of different donors and directs it towards a common objective.

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