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Pastoral Livestock Support Project (Chad)


Pays : Tchad

Secteur Agriculture & Agro-Industry

Date d’approbation : 12/10/2002

Loan Administrator : AFDB (Banque africaine de développement)

Agence d’exécution : Ministry of Livestock

Co-financeurs : AFDF, TAF (Techn. Assistan), Government, Beneficiaries, OFID


Animal husbandry is an important contributor to Chad’s economy. Development of the sector is hampered, however, by a number of organizational, technical and economic constraints.
Project activities will therefore include : • institution strengthening across the entire livestock sub-sector ; • provision of support to livestock associations, pastoral interest groups and other related organizations ; • construction and rehabilitation of veterinary stations ; • expansion of facilities at the National School of Technical Livestock Agents ; • rehabilitation of trails ; • drilling of wells and water points ; • planting of trees, fodder plants and shrubs ; • provision of training, which will comprise literacy programs, livestock management courses and food processing techniques, all with a strong emphasis on women’s participation. Once completed, a minimum of 250,000 households are expected to benefit from the project.

Informations financières

Financement OPEC : US$7,500,000
Total projet : US$31.56 million

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