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Geothermal Power Generation Project (Djibouti)


The OPEC Fund for International Development

Titre : Geothermal Power Generation Project (Djibouti)

Pays : Djibouti

Secteur Energy

Date d’approbation : 6/18/2010

Description This project aims at helping Djibouti secure a sustainable and competitive source of energy by drilling four wells, of a depth of around 2.5 km, which will be used to help generate geothermal energy. The wells will be located in the Assal Rift, around 80km northwest of Djibouti City. It is expected that the project will enable Djibouti to access a secure and sustainable source of energy and reduce its dependency on electricity imports form Ethiopia, which is only possible when the country has excess to sell.

Agence d’exécution : Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources through the "Électricité de Djibouti" (EDD)

Loan Administrator : Fonds de l’OPEP pour le Développement international (OFID)
Co-financeurs : OFID, Kuwait Inv’t Authori, Gov’t of Djibouti, Reykjavik Energy Inv

Informations financières
Financement OPEC : US$7,000,000


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