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Buhiyyah Canal Irrigation Improvement Project (Egypt)


THE OPEC FUND FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Titre : Buhiyyah Canal Irrigation Improvement Project (Egypt)

Pays : Egypte

Secteur Agriculture & Agro-Industry

Date d’approbation : 12/14/2010

This project aims at increasing irrigation efficiency and agricultural production of around 5,040 ha. This will be done by rehabilitating and modernizing irrigation infrastructure. In addition, over 600 engineers and 1,500 farmers will receive training courses, workshops and on-site demonstrations. On completion, the project is expected to reduce poverty levels and increase food security for around 6,000 farming families. The project will also eliminate the use of open irrigation ditches, thus eliminating breeding grounds for disease-spreading insects, such as malaria-transmitting mosquitoes. Pollution levels in the project area will also decline as the irrigation network will use electric instead of diesel-driven water pumps.

Loan Administrator : Fonds de l’OPEP pour le Développement international (OFID)

Agence d’exécution : Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI)

Informations financières
Financement OPEC : US$15,000,000
Co-financeurs : OFID, GOE


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