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Livestock Development III Project (Mali)


The OPEC Fund for International Development

Titre : Livestock Development III Project (Mali)

Pays : Mali

Secteur Agriculture & Agro-Industry

Date d’approbation : 8/28/2007

During the first two phases of the project, the second of which was also co-financed by OFID, efforts were highly successful in increasing the cattle population through the drilling of wells and implementation of vaccination campaigns. Phase III will take place in three pastoral zones in northwest Mali, covering 51 communities and will include : • construction of 15 wells and six tube-wells with solar-powered pumps ; and • construction of seven vaccination parks and three cattle markets. A strong emphasis will be placed on providing training to the local population in areas such as literacy, infrastructure maintenance and environmental protection

Loan Administrator : Fonds de l’OPEP pour le Développement international (OFID)

Agence d’exécution : PADESO (Programme d’Appui au Développement durable de l’Elevage aus Sahel Occidental) under the aegi

Co-financeurs : OFID, Government of Mali

Informations financières
Financement OPEC : US$4,610,000
Total projet : US$6.15 million


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