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Roseires Dam Rehabilitation Project (Sudan)


The OPEC Fund for International Development

Titre : Roseires Dam Rehabilitation Project (Sudan)

Pays : Soudan

Secteur Agriculture & Agro-Industry

Date d’approbation : 6/12/2003

The Roseires Dam diverts water from the Blue Nile to large- and small-scale irrigation schemes extending from Roseires town to Khartoum. In addition, the dam serves a nearby hydropower station that provides the Sudan with around 40% of its electricity. Inspections have revealed that the stainless steel-clad liners of the dam’s five deep-sluice gates have eroded considerably. This loan will co-finance full-scale rehabilitation of the sluices to prevent breakdowns. In order to insure the reliability and safety of the entire deep sluice installation, the hydro-mechanical plant and all associated equipment will be extensively refurbished.

Loan Administrator : Islamic Development Bank (ISDB)
Agence d’exécution : Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources
Co-financeurs : Govt., ISDB, OFID

Informations financières
Financement OPEC : US$12,000,000
Total projet : US$17.7 million


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