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Agro-Pastoral Integrated Rural Development (Tunisia)


Titre : Agro-Pastoral Integrated Rural Development (Tunisia)

Pays : Tunisie

Secteur Agriculture & Agro-Industry

Date d’approbation : 9/24/2002

Loan Administrator : Bureau des Nations Unies pour les services d’appui aux projets (UNOPS pour United Nations Office for Project Services)
Agence d’exécution : Ministry of Agriculture

The project will carry out a variety of works in two of Tunisia’s poorest Governorates, Tataouine and Kebili, to improve the productivity of rangeland, boost agricultural production and promote socio-economic development. Activities will include : • construction and installation of rural infrastructure, including water storage tanks, dams and irrigation systems ; • construction of 245 km of paved feeder roads ; • rehabilitation of pastureland ; • planting of trees and fodder crops planted ; • establishment of small-scale community development activities ; • setting up and management of agricultural development groups ; • provision of support to farmers’ organizations ; and • provision of training and technical assistance for the creation of 350 micro-enterprises.

Informations financières
Co-financeurs : IFAD, OFID, Government, Beneficiaries, Development Funds, Credit Institutions
Financement OPEC : US$7,000,000
Total projet : US$36.6 million


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