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Afghanistan : Emergency National Solidarity Project II


Titre : Afghanistan : Emergency National Solidarity Project II

Pays : Afghanistan

Date d’approbation : 07-DEC-2006
Date de clôture : 30-SEP-2011

Type de produit : BIRD/IDA Association internationale de développement (IDA)


Agence d’exécution : MRRD

This grant for Afghanistan will support the national solidarity program’s expansion to new districts to lay the foundations for strengthening community level governance, and support community-managed sub-projects comprising reconstruction and development that improve the access of rural communities to social and productive infrastructure and services. The grant will finance block grants to village communities, consultants for community facilitation and sub-project preparation, consultants for program management and monitoring, capacity building and implementation support for the implementing ministry, and consultants for external evaluation.
The project will (i) empower local communities through the establishment of village level consultative decision making and representative local leadership as a basis for interaction within and between communities on the one hand, and with the administration and aid agencies on the other, and (ii) finance local level reconstruction, development, and capacity building leading to a decrease in poverty levels. Through these benefits, the project will also contribute to stability in Afghanistan. Likely risks are weak institutional capacity ; a fragile security situation ; elite capture of benefits, and misuse of funds. Appropriate mitigation measures have been proposed to address these risks.

Informations financières
Engagement IDA : 120 millions de dollars EU
Coût total du projet : 120 millions de dollars EU **

** Le coût total du projet inclut l’ensemble des financements provenant de la Banque mondiale et d’autres sources, et est exprimé en millions de dollars EU.

Banque Mondiale

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