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Pastoral Community Development Project II (Ethiopia)


Titre : Pastoral Community Development Project II (Ethiopia)

Pays : Ethiopie

Date d’approbation : 29-MAY-2008
Date de clôture : 31-DEC-2013

Type de produit : BIRD/IDA Association internationale de développement (IDA)


The objective of the Second Pastoral Community Development Project (PCDP) is to contribute to : (i) increasing the resilience of Ethiopian pastoralists to external shocks ; and (ii) improving the livelihoods of beneficiary communities, and thereby to contribute to overall poverty alleviation in Ethiopia. There are four components to the project. The first component is the sustainable livelihoods enhancement. This component will further strengthen decentralized and participatory planning at the community/kebele (sub-district) and woreda level, operating within the regional government structure. Women and men in pastoral and agro-pastoral communities will design and implement Community Action Plans (CAPs) that reflect their development priorities. The second component is the pastoral risk management. The goal of this component will be to improve the existing pastoral early warning system through a participatory approach as well as the establishment of an early response fund, and to support strategic disaster preparedness and mitigation investment planning and financing of associated subprojects. The third component is the participatory learning and knowledge management. This component will strengthen demand driven participatory learning, knowledge generation and research methodologies at the community level ; and support knowledge management and information exchange or networking system at the federal and regional levels. Finally, the fourth component is the project management. This component will assist project management units at the regional and federal levels to effectively coordinate, supervise and implement project activities under the direction of the ministry of federal affairs and pastoral commissions/bureaus of each region.

Informations financières
Ida Grant : 56,6 millions de dollars EU
International Development Association (Ida) : 23,4 millions de dollars EU
International Fund For Agriculture Development : 33,55 millions de dollars EU
Borrower : 19,7 millions de dollars EU
Coût total du projet : 133,25 millions de dollars EU **

** Le coût total du projet inclut l’ensemble des financements provenant de la Banque mondiale et d’autres sources, et est exprimé en millions de dollars EU.

Banque Mondiale

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