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Municipal Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment Improvement Project (Turkey)


Titre : Municipal Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment Improvement Project (Turkey)

Country : Republic of Turkey
Target Area : Medium-sized municipal areas throughout Turkey

Loan Agreement : June 22, 2011
Schedule : The planned implementation schedule is from June 2011 to October 2015 (53 months in total).

In Turkey, the concentration of population in urban areas has increased, accompanying the economic growth of recent years, and it has become evident that inadequate sewer development has caused a decline in the living environment as well as causing pollution in rivers, lakes and marshes. In particular, smaller municipalities have a weak financial base and lack a developed sewer infrastructure, such that a disparity has arisen in sewer rates according to the size of the local government. The government of Turkey has established the EU Integrated Environmental Approximation Strategy as a step toward joining the EU, and providing sewers at the local government level is positioned as a high-priority issue in that strategy.

Project Objective
The project aims to to promote sewerage and wastewater treatment prevalence and to improve water quality of rivers by improving sewerage and wastewater treatment in middle sized municipalities in Turkey whose infrastructure are behind compared to large sized municipalities thereby contributing to improvement of living conditions of local residents and reducing disparities..

Executing Agency : İller Bankası Anonim Şirketi

Borrower : İller Bankası Anonim Şirketi
Loan Amount : 12,784 million yen

Présentation : JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)

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