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Mwea Irrigation Development Project (Kenya)


Titre : Mwea Irrigation Development Project (Kenya)

Country : The Republic of Kenya
Target Area : Mwea Irrigation Project District of the Central Province (approximately 100 km northeast of Nairobi)

Loan Agreement : August 16, 2010
Schedule : The planned implementation schedule is from August 2010 to May 2018 (94 months in total).

The Project aims to boost productivity of rice and other crops by upgrading irrigation facilities and strengthening operation and maintenance capabilities, thereby contributing to augmenting the livelihoods of farmers in this region and to improving the food security of the country.

The Project will construct new dams and irrigation channels and repair existing ones, and expand agricultural land in the Mwea Irrigation Project District, while also enhancing the capabilities of the NIB, which is in charge of the operation and maintenance of key facilities.

The expansion of agricultural land in certain districts targeted by the Project is slated to be carried out by the World Bank. 1) Civil works (repairs to irrigation facilities, construction of agricultural dams, repairs to and new installations of link channels, expansion of agricultural land, improvement of relocation sites, improvement of water wells, etc.) 2) Procurement of materials (operation and maintenance materials and materials for environmental monitoring) 3) Consulting services (review of the detailed design ; tender assistance ; construction supervision ; instructions on the operation and maintenance of irrigation facilities, etc.) • Procurement method : International and domestic competitive bidding • Consultant : Short list method • Execution method : Contracting method

Mise en oeuvre : The National Irrigation Board (NIB)

Borrower : The Government of the Republic of Kenya
Loan Amount : 13,178 million yen

JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)

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