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Afghanistan Drought Response Humanitarian


Titre : Afghanistan Drought Response Humanitarian

Country : Afghanistan

Project start/end date : 01/03/2012 - 31/03/2013

Lack of timely autumn 2010 and spring rains in early 2011 have caused substantial crop failures in 14 provinces in northern Afghanistan. The most acutely affected provinces are in the central Northern zone, where there is traditionally a high reliance on rain fed agriculture. The UN puts the number of people affected by the drought at 2.6 million people, who are in need of urgent humanitarian support in the 14 provinces. The most vulnerable groups are infants, pregnant women and breast feeding mothers as they are particularly liable to become malnourished in this situation.

Description  : To avoid mortality, morbidity and suffering (hunger) is prevented, dignity is maintained and livelihoods are protected for drought-affected populations

Project budget : The UK will provide up to £6.1 million to support up to 253,230 Afghans with humanitarian aid between March 2012 to February 2013. A contribution of £6.1 million would cover about 6.5% of the UN Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP) 2011 drought requirements

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