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Northwest Mountainous and Forestry Areas Development Project (Tunisia)


Pays : Tunisie

Date d’approbation : 31-OCT-2002

Date de clôture : 31-JUL-2009

Type de produit : BIRD/IDA Association internationale de développement (IDA)




The Northwest Mountainous and Forestry Areas Development Project aims at improving the socioeconomic conditions of populations in the five governorates of the project area, while ensuring sustainable management of the natural resources.
To this end, project components will :
1) support capacity building activities to strengthen the Northwest Forestry and Pastoral Development Agency - ODESYPANO - by financing the adjustment of ODESYPANO’s organizational structure, through the redefinition of responsibilities, human resources planning, and management. Technical assistance will be provided to update operations, and help formulate community development plans. In addition, information systems will be improved, training programs provided, and, capacity building for beneficiary communities and partners should enhance participation in the implementation of development activities ;
2) support the implementation of integrated pilot operations, through forestry extension services, and provision of equipment, training, and trial demonstrations on improved forestry practices ; land consolidation operations to facilitate agricultural farming, targeting communities requiring titling operations ; and, promotion of micro-enterprise projects, including assistance on technically and financially sound proposals for presentation to financial institutions ;
3) strengthen the extension services for improved crop production, livestock husbandry, and veterinary services. In addition, rehabilitation of small-scale irrigation schemes will be supported, depending on beneficiary demand ;
4) support the improvement of environmental, and natural resources management, through practices in soil and water conservation, pastures and rangelands under-utilized, and agro-forestry development ; and,
5) support rehabilitation and/or construction of basic rural infrastructure, to facilitate community access to markets, and social services, by improving rural roads, and access to potable water.

Informations financières

International Bank For Reconstruction And Development : 34 millions de dollars EU
Local Sources Of Borrowing Country : 4,01 millions de dollars EU
Borrower : 6,85 millions de dollars EU
Coût total du projet : 44,86 millions de dollars EU **

** Le coût total du projet inclut l’ensemble des financements provenant de la Banque mondiale et d’autres sources, et est exprimé en millions de dollars EU.

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