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The Sool Plateau Livelihood and Food Security Project (Somalia)


Titre : The Sool Plateau Livelihood and Food Security Project (Somalia)

Pays : Somalie

Durée : 2005/2007

Partenaire : Care Netherlands

North-east Somalia is a semi-arid area relying on the livestock sector, which is threatened by repetitive droughts and floods, degradation of the environment and encroachment of key natural resources. Several hundred thousands pastoralists regularly suffer from water shortagesand need a set of broad based strategies towards poverty alleviation, natural resource conservation and socio-economic growth.

Helping Somalisto address water shortages • Improve natural resource conservation and managementthrough the set-up, training and empowering of pastoral institutions ; • Improve rangeland and grazing lands through construction or rehabilitation of collective environmental and waterinfrastructures ; • Increase the poorest households’ purchasing power through cash-for-work activities.

Set up and training of pastoral associations at district level ; • Facilitation, together with the Ministry of the preparation of rangeland management plan ; • Distance from water points reduced from 30 km to 15 km during the dry season ; • Water related debt burden is reduced by 30% at household level ; • Female participation at 15%.

Contribution Union européenne (UE) : ) 0,9 million Euro


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