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Redistributing land and improving land rights registration


Pays : Namibie

Secteur : Basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation

Durée : 2005 – 2009

Implementing organisation : Ministry of Lands and Resettlement German Development Bank (KfW)


Namibia remains a country with very large income disparities. Those living in communal areas are amongst the poorest. Due to improved communal land registration, people are becoming more confident to make long-term improvements to their land, knowing that it will not be taken from them. This will raise the productivity of the land and, in return, the gains of farmers.


1. Establish methods and techniques for communal land registration that are based on air photos and links to land boards.
2. Compile manual on resettlement, including criteria for selection of new farmers for the resettlement programme.
3. Develop and implement computerised deeds registry system to assit the safe-keeping of and access to land ownership records.
4. Develop and implement computer-based mass appraisal system to determine valuations of all commercial farms for taxation purposes.
5. Enhance ICT infrastructure of the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement and improve staffing capabilities.


Contribution Union européenne (UE) : 6.6% of total EC contribution to Rural Poverty Reduction Programme in Namibia (€53,000,000)

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