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Tampere University of Technology (2008)

Water network management in Keetmanshoop, Namibia

Seppänen, Risto

Titre : Water network management in Keetmanshoop, Namibia

Auteur : Seppänen, Risto

Université de soutenance : Tampere University of Technology

Grade : Master of Science 2008

Due to extreme water scarcity in Namibia, water losses are a widespread problem for local authorities, causing water shortage, drought and financial losses. In the light of the climate change and growing water shortage throughout the world, significant actions must be made to stop fresh drinking water wasting and to reduce high percentage of water losses. Municipalities of Keetmanshoop and Ondangwa are part of a partnership project (PLDDSI) between four municipalities in Finland and Namibia. As a part of the partnership, engineering assistance was provided from Finland and Namibia to sort out the matters and give suggestions to handle them. This research concerns mainly water network management in the Municipality of Keetmanshoop but for comparison and as a basis for the analysis, a number of other municipalities and their water departments are analyzed. The additional municipalities subjected to closer scrutiny were Windhoek, Swakopmund, Ondangwa, Omaruru and Lüderitz in Namibia. The Finnish reference municipalities are PLDDSI counterparts : Lempäälä and Kangasala. The main objective of this research was to analyze the problems what Namibian municipalities are encountering with water distribution systems and suggest improvements. Mainly, all the issues accumulate to high amount of wasted water due to physical problems in the network, such as leaking pipes and nonworking valves as well as insufficient management. All the studied municipalities pointed out and emphasized different reasons for water losses but more or less, they were the same in each municipality. Methods of management in Namibian municipalities varied broadly ; in some of them, the lack of care for the distribution network was anxious whereas other municipalities had clear plans for development and routine maintenance. Nevertheless, all them were in the same line, what came to unmeasured water caused by illegal connections and unrecorded consumption, all municipalities considered these as substantial issues due to difficult management. /Kir10

Présentation : TUT DPub

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